Top 3 Ways For Women to Style Formal Pants

With the vertiginous array of pants styles available out there now for all genders (long gone are days where women only wore skirts), let this guide help you navigate those clothes racks, and how to style your new purchases to your advantage. Let us help you style those formal pants for women in both work and parties


somewhere in between skinny trousers and straight cut pants, tapered pants feature a normal fit from the waist to the thighs, and only get narrower past the knee to the ankle. They are sometimes called tie-waist trousers.

Pair with: We love these style of formal trousers for women as they are equal parts comfortable and fashionable! Opt for a pair in a luxe material like satin to make your look day-to-night, and pair with strappy sandals and snug fit top that does not go past the waist line. For a formal work settings, look for a pair that has pleated detailing down the front and made of a stiffer material. As these pants cut around the ankle, make sure your footwear is on fleek!


A style of wholly-loose pants that flares from the waist itself – the complete opposite of leggings or skinny jeans. They come in many fabrics and prints and have wonderful motility, giving your whole look a natural touch of drama and sass.

Pair with: Not all tops go with these pants as they are so voluminous. You’ll want to keep your tops tight fitted, and if the occasion allows, showing some skin with drop-sleeved camisoles or cropped tops helps to balance out all that material. These pants tend to reach all the way down to the floor, so most styles of shoes will work as they can’t really be seen anyway.


A style of pants that give the illusion of being a skirt, thanks to its voluminous legs. The hemline can end anywhere from just below the knee to above the ankle. Some styles feature pleating on the legs.

Pair with: Nothing looks better than a pair of culottes styled with strappy, barely-there heeled sandals, or for an edgier look, a pair of flat gladiator sandals. Suitable for both work and play, you can easily transform your look simply by swapping out your top – a cropped, off-shoulder top for Sunday brunch and a sleeveless, button-down for the workweek.

Now, style your formal pants and rock them on all kinds of occasions!

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