Three Ways To Rock a Pair of Jeggings

jeggings for women

Admit it! We cannot wear jeans all the time, can we? Jeans have been deemed as the best pair of pants to wear but, we know there is an equally stylish and comfier alternative onlinejeggings. For people who do not like to wear jeans all the time, these pair of pants are for you. Jeggings for women are trendy and easy to wear. Better yet, they pair with almost any outfit in a woman’s wardrobe. It can be worn under dresses, with tops, tunics and more. If you have questions about the versatility of the incredible women’s jeggings, here are three different ways to flaunt your jeggings! Check them out below!

Jeggings with shirts: 

Shirts and women’s jeggings make a good pair. Take a simple, well fitted white shirt and pair it with grey or black jeggings and white sneakers. Add a dramatic flair to your outfit by adding a stylish neckpiece to the mix and strappy sandals. You can also pair your jeggings with a loose-fitted shirt and sneakers for a casual day out. 

Jeggings with crop tops:

Jeggings for women are usually high-waisted hence crop tops are a natural pick. With your solid black jeggings, you can pair crop tops in almost any shade. To get party-ready, pair up a metallic shade crop top with your jeggings and throw in a pair of metallic heels into the mix. Floral crop tops in pastel shades paired with white jeggings and sneakers are a good match too. 

Jeggings and kurtas:

Be it summers or winters, kurtas are trendy all year round. Instead of sticking to leggings as your go-to bottom wear with kurtas, try on a pair of women’s jeggings instead. Solid black jeggings can be paired with kurtas of any colour, giving it a whole new vibe of trendy mixed with traditional. Add a pair of comfortable heels or wedges and you’re good to go!

Jeggings for women are a literal godsend for those who don’t swear by jeans. You’ll find a plethora of jeggings online with an array of designs to match your style. We at Marca Disati bring you a wide variety of women’s apparels that is specially curated for modern women, keeping in mind their styles and never compromising on comfort. Say hello to a new age of fashion brought to you by Marca Disati! 

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