Men’s Easy Guide to Fashion: 4 staples to own

Shopping is not for the faint of heart, we know that. The styles, the cuts, the designs, the fabrics may seem a little too confusing. Men’s fashion has evolved considerably over the decades and so has the options. If fashion is not your cup of tea but you want to start dressing better, worry not, we bring you an easy guide to fashion with a few simple essentials to get you started. Check out our list below!

Polo t-shirts for the win

Polo t-shirts have all the comfort of a tee with the added charm of a collar. They are casual yet trendy and have a sporty vibe that cannot be replicated by any other piece of clothing. Pair it up with track pants or joggers for a sporty look. If you’re going for a more refined look, switch up the trousers for a pair of chinos and loafers. 

Chinos supremacy

Every person has one pair of jeans they can’t do without. But, it’s a piece of garment that’s been done to death. Freshen up your casual style with a pair of chinos. They’re as comfy, if not comfier, than jeans and come in a wide array of colours. For a Sunday hangout with friends, try on a pair of beige chinos with a plain black t-shirt or a casual shirt for men and loafers or boat shoes. Chinos and casual shirts are a timeless combination. A white shirt for men with chinos looks sophisticated and refined. 

Casual shirts all the way

If your wardrobe has only t-shirts, it’s time you upgrade your collection. Add a few casual shirts in vibrant colours to liven up your wardrobe. Striped, printed, patterned, the options for casual shirts for men are plenty and will give you more outfit options. Floral shirts are great for summer to wear with plain black jeans or trousers.  

Jogging into fashion

For lazy days, when even putting on a pair of jeans is too much, joggers come to your rescue. They’re super comfy and when styled right, they can be fashionable as well. Joggers can be worn with polo t-shirts and printed t-shirts for men as well. A white t-shirt paired with dark shaded joggers, in colours such as blue and black is a good combination. 

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