Bringing You 5 Different Styles To Add To Your Wardrobe

Haven’t you heard? The sleeveless jumpsuit is the new dress we love! From being a skydiver’s uniform to a fashion staple for women, the not-so-humble jumpsuit has come a long way and is now on its way to becoming a must-have for every woman. This overhaul was long due; the classic dress has been worn to death and even through new styles keep cropping up, we needed change. Although jumpsuit dresses for women are eyed with curiosity, they’re still not as popular as we’d like them to be.  To change that, here are a few different types of jumpsuits for you to consider making your ally.

  • The boiler jumpsuit- Coveralls, or boiler jumpsuits, were initially workwear but now, have become a unique style on its own. Boiler jumpsuits are full sleeved and a little heavier than the regular jumpsuit. On top of that, they are very roomy and comfortable and can be styled with trainers and maybe a belt to shape the waist. 

  • Playsuits- The playsuit is a shorter hemmed cousin of the jumpsuit and are ideal for warm summer nights out with the gang. They can be worn as evening party wear dresses as well as they come in silk and satin fabrics for a more party vibe. For casual occasions, the playsuit can be worn with strappy sandals, ballet flats etc. 

  • Tank jumpsuits- Sleeveless jumpsuits are extremely comfy and the tank jumpsuit is a testament to that fact. Perfect for the sweaty riddled humid afternoon, these sleeveless jumpsuits, although very casual, can be styled for a lazy afternoon in the beach or morning brunch with the girls. 

  • Denim jumpsuits- Almost everyone in the world swears by the irreplaceable denim jeans. Denim is that one fabric that flatters all who wears it, from men, women to children. A short denim jumpsuit is a fun alternate to the usual denim jeans and t-shirt and comes various designs with varying hem lengths, sleeves etc. 

  • Culotte jumpsuits- Culottes are traditionally knee-high trousers with wide legs to resemble a skirt. A culotte jumpsuit can be difficult to pull of off as the hem line can either make or break your look. Mid-calf is the sweet spot to hit when wearing culotte jumpsuits as any higher or lower will leave you looking awkward. 

These are just a few options of jumpsuits for you to experiment with. If you seek to venture this alley, find all your jumpsuit needs met at affordable prices only at Marcadisati.

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