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Hi all, Let us start with a famous saying, “Fashion is comfort and comfort is fashion”.

What we literally target here are those times when you must have experienced getting all dressed up for the event and cannot wait to return back home and get back to your PJs? It’s such a relief and satisfaction to get legs into those loose and comfy PJs. But, now as the fashion game is reversed wholly and comfort is fashion, we would like to give it a spot of light.

So, Taking the saying literally we are here to provide you with some articles from  Marca Disati that would provide you a ease and comfort in wearing them. In this blog today, we are here with some shortlisted products for you from our collection which you can wear ‘all day long’, look fashionable and experience comfort at the same time. You would definitely not want to change them back even when you return home.

Looks dreamy? But isn’t !!

Stay tuned and read further below to know more in detail….

1. Shades of blue

So, first up we have this jacquard jacket and ankle jeans for men’s in our bucket for you. This gives pure comfort and style at the same time. The straight fit of the jeans is such that it would provide the ease required. However, you can style these two pieces either as a set or individual piece of clothing too. Wear it to a club party and get ready to dance the night out in this blue shaded jacket and jeans by Marca Disati.

Shop at:
Jacquard Front Open Jacket
Ankle length 5 Pocket Jeans

jacquard jacket and ankle jeans

2. All black 

Ready to go all black? This is a timeless look and epitome of class for every season.  One can never go wrong with it. So, we decided to give you a choice for comfort in the same theme. This sweatshirt paired up with this jogger makes it the perfect outfit of the day. It complements each other to the most and also, completing your need for comfort. You can wear this one “all day long” and you are not going to get tired of this.

Shop at:
Kangaroo Pocket Cowl Neck Sweatshirt
Bottom Cuff Joggers


3. It’s dressy!

Sometimes, what we mood is to avoid wearing bottoms. At times they are a big turn off when it is too hot out there. So, it’s better to switch to comfortable and flowy dress silhouettes which may include a jumpsuit or a casual dress. In that case,  you can head on to these shopping links and add these two masterpieces in your cart right away. They are flowy with the loose fit which makes them even more wearable in summers.

Shop at:
Textured Knitted Shift Dress
Concealed Zip Denim Culotte Jumpsuit


4. Culottes

Culottes can be your go-to pick for any purpose. Whether you want to go shopping,  college, at work, or something casual, they fit everywhere. Besides filling in space for comfort with their loose silhouette, they give the needed style edge to your whole outfit. You can yourself see the difference in your outfit if you switch from your jeans to culottes. Our denim culottes perfectly replace them over, denim jeans and make you ready for your entire day.

View more at :
High Waist Solid Culottes


5. Jeggings for women

Jeggings for women

Jegging for women was a kind of revolution for the fashion industry. It reinvented jeans with a touch of comfort for the ladies. The stretchable and flexible nature of the jeggings makes it wearable for the whole day. Our black jeggings for women is designed and made such that it fits perfectly to your body. The silver chain detailing on it makes the whole piece in the limelight.

P.S. – A little piece of advice here, take a size bigger when you purchase it as it does not get too fitted and even not too loose for your body shape. So, it gets quite comfortable wearing them. However, keep in mind the waist size and do not forget to follow the size chart. 

That was it for today, see you until next time with more creative and helpful topics for you by team Marca Disati. We hope they help you in some way or the other. To view more products from our end please visit Marca Disati

Lots of love!!!

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