5 ways to style Polo t-shirts

Summers are mainly tough to dress sharp because it’s hot out there. You are limited to very few articles of clothing; you can’t layer up your ensemble as much as you like. It’s a tough season. Well, polo T-shirts can definitely turn these difficulties around. Polo t-shirt is a super versatile article of clothing. You can wear it with shorts when you’re on the beach or wear it with nice fitting chinos and throw a cool linen blazer on it to instantly be work ready. It’s that simple!

A polo shirt is a flawless balance between casual and formal. It’s formal than a crew neck tee and casual than a partywear shirt. And it works perfectly during the summers and autumn. To keep yourself comfortable, you don’t need to look messy, just get a few cool polo t-shirts in different colours and patterns and wear them however you want to look sharp and stay comfortable in the summers. Polo t-shirt is so popular that get settled in the fashion history book of men’s wear, no matter in the casual style or business style. So, more and more men want to dig the most trendy and eye-catching ways to wear the best polo shirts for men. We bring you 5 ways to rock your Polo t-shirt:


A tasteful, two-piece suit is an ‘expected’ custom at most workplaces. How about ditching that crisp formal shirt and swapping it with a dapper polo T-shirt? It’s edgy, yet subtle and never lacks attention.

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Consider pairing a striped polo T-shirt with a formal blazer, for a look that earns peeks from the right quarters.

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This one is for the rebels out there. A smart, two-piece suit is always fascinating. More so, when checks like these come into play. They promise attention, and yet stay ever so close to the formal space! Try them with a solid or edgy polo T-shirt and a pair of clean-cut loafers.

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Formals not your thing? believe us, a polo t-shirt when teamed with a pair of shorts is just perfect and classy. For the bold, there’s always a formal jacket to pair it with. Apart from this, it’s never a bad idea to throw in a sleeveless jacket into the mix. Either ways, you’ll stand out!

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Try lively, summery colours like pink or beige over your polo T-shirt to beat the heat in style, pair them with some sneakers and you are good to go!

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These were some of the ways to style your Polo t-shirts. For more styling tips and dapper clothing checkout our website!

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